DOWSIL™ 3793 izoliacinis stiklo sandariklis

A high performance, moisture curing, one-part neutral sealant, specifically designed for the insulating glazing industry for the production of hermetically sealed units.

• Commercial Insulating Glass.

• Outstanding resistance to UV and moisture
• Good adhesion to a range of glasses (coated and reflective), metals and plastics, including acrylics polyamides, polycarbonate and uPVC
• Neutral curing sealant odorless, non-corrosive
• Good mechanical properties: high tear strength, elongation and tensile strength
• Cured material flexible from 40°C (-40°F) to 150°C (302°F)
• Solvent free
• Cure rate 2 mm depth in 24 hours measured at ambient temperature
• Thixotropic, non-slump, can be dispensed over a wide range of winter and summer conditions
• No mixing or catalyzing, only simple dispensing required
• Short tack free time 50 minutes (measured at ambient temperature)
• Resistant to ozone and temperature extremes.