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DOWSIL™ 791T Weatherproofing Sealant

A premium one-part, easy to use, neutral cure silicone sealant with excellent weatherability and flexibility, and an odorless cure. It is low modulus with outstanding primerless adhesion to a wide variety of porous and non-porous substrates.

• DOWSIL™ 791T Weatherproofing Sealant Transparent is specifically formulated for the sealing of expansion joints in curtain walling facades, building facades and other structures; suitable for the sealing of connection joints between floors and walls, stairs, and other building connections.

• Will accommodate up to 50% joint movement
• Excellent unprimed adhesion to a wide variety of construction materials such as concrete, stone, masonry, brick, wood, steel, glass, glazed surfaces, painted or varnished wood and ceramics
• Ideal sealant for expansion, connection and other movement joints as its low modulus allows high movement but generates relatively low stress at the adhesion interface
• Conforms to ISO 11600-F&G 25LM
• Compatible with typical PVB foils. Project-specific testing available upon request
• Easy, conventional tooling
• Excellent resistance to weathering
• Good recovery after extension and compression
• High resistance to ozone, ultraviolet radiation
• Excellent stability through wide temperature range: -50°C to 150°C.