DOWSIL™ 817 Mirror Adhesive

A one part silicone sealant that uses a low odour alkoxy neutral cure system. It is non-corrosive with excellent adhesion to a range of mirror backings, glasses (coated and reflective), metals, plastics, polycarbonate and PVC-U.

• DOWSIL™ 817 Mirror Adhesive is a one-part silicone sealant for internal fixation of mirrors, coated glass or metal panels onto various substrates and for bonding of glass and back plate in solar thermal panels.

• Non-corrosive, odorless, ready to use gun grade sealant which reacts with air moisture
• Excellent unprimed adhesion on most glasses, metals and mirror coatings
• Outstanding resistance to heat and humidity
• Resistant to ozone, ultra-violet radiation and temperature extremes.