Aluminium spacer H 6,5 MM

A spacer profile manufactured with special aluminium alloys for Insulating glass units production, characterised by the following dimensions: height of 6.5 millimetres, length of 4, 5 or 6 metres, and width ranging from 4 to 26.5 millimetres. The thickness varies according to the end-use of the spacer.
The packing of the spacer bar is carried out using cardboard boxes in a length of 4, 5 or 6 metres. The packing can be even effected in iron stillages in a length of 6 metres closed on the sides by special cardboard sheets which preserve the spacer bar from dust.

Can be used in the production of frames with corner keys, can be bendable using all current types of bending machines. Could be supplied with pre-inserted plastic or steel connectors.

Can be supplied in the following colours: Mill Finish, Anodized, Gold, Bronze, Dark Bronze, Antique Bronze, Black, White.