Temporary carpet protection.
Carpet Cover is an extremely durable protective film for temporary protection of carpet, carpet tiles and upholstered stairs. The product has a unique adhesive layer. Fibercoat is specially formulated to adhere to porous surfaces such as carpets. The carpeting is particularly resistant to intense loads due to the extremely strong and hard material. Due to the unique adhesive layer, the material always adheres well without the need for additional tape. After removing the carpet covering, it leaves no adhesive residue. Several options are available with different thicknesses and dimensions.

Use carpet covering during construction, renovation and maintenance work. Covering a carpet with Carpet Cover is very easy. The protective film is wrapped so that the adhesive layer is on the outside. Roll out the carpet by hand or foot. For very large areas, use the applicator for even faster installation. Once the job is done, the carpet covering can be easily removed. The carpet remains clean.

Carpet Cover can be applied very quickly because it has an adhesive layer on the outside. Floors or stairs can be covered in minutes. This means you don’t need to use tape. The carpet always stays in place, preventing falls and trips. This also makes Carpet Cover safe to use on carpeted stairs.

Very easy and fast application
Specially designed adhesive for sticking to carpet
Super strong, always holds
No tape needed
Does not leave glue residue
Easily removable
Available with the newly developed Fibercoat adhesive system.