Aerated rubber is a quality of porous, closed-cell rubber that comes in a variety of resistance ratings and densities. It is manufactured using an expansion process and is made from natural rubber or synthetic rubbers such as EPDM and other elastomers.

Porous rubber is air and water impermeable, so it does not need any outer skin to be used as a sealant (unlike sponge rubber).

Our KOEPPcell® range offers you the following types of porous rubber and elastomers with the usual high quality at competitive prices:
It meets a wide variety of requirements, and we can offer a range of different qualities and resistance levels for you to choose from, depending on your application and your requirements. The following are the most important features:

Excellent sealing
Low thermal conductivity value (≤ W 0.1 W/mK)
High compressibility
Good insulating properties
Low water absorption
Flexible processing options
Can be cured with sulfur or peroxide
High temperature and aging resistance (EPDM)
Highly resistant to fire and oil (CR/NBR)
High Resilience (NR)

Can be sold in sheets of various thicknesses and cut into strips.