Vipro is a temporary, weatherproof, easily removable protective coating for glass, windows, doors and other non-porous surfaces.

Protects glass from metal welding and angle grinder sparks.

The film retains its properties and initial transparency for 6-12 months.

For indoor and outdoor use.

The product is water-based and therefore easy and safe to work with. Non-toxic, non-flammable in liquid form. The dried film is also not dangerous for health or the environment.

Color — usually bluish, transmits light. Special shades can also be ordered.


— ROLLER: Apply with a fur (short hair) roller without pressing hard. Apply twice (after the first application, wait for it to dry).

WHEN SPRAYING: It is recommended to use an airless sprayer, such as Wagner. When using an air sprayer, the pressure is 2500 psi (150Bar). Spray head size 17 thou

Glued protective foil for glass application:
The dimensions of the films are 100m x 600mm.
Color: blue
Thickness: 40 microns
6 months UV resistant

Protection film 22.4PV1-040/D is used to protect surface from dirt and damage
during treatment, storage and assembly.
The film is used for protection of surfaces such as:
– painted metals
– plastic sheets (PVC, PC, melamine)
– window glass (temporary glass protection in buildings)