Individual solutions for safe glazing

Main features:

• a wide range of products and accessories
• continuous monitoring of material compatibility and compression deformation
• assured quality and durability using high-quality plastic made from 100% new material

Short description

Roto Glas-Tec – a wide range of products and accessories for safe and professional glazing of windows and doors.

As an important connection between the frame and the edge of the glass, the glazing block ensures that the glass will always be well held and that the window will function properly throughout its lifetime. This is reason enough to choose materials of the highest quality and years of experience when choosing glazing blocks.

Roto Glas-Tec offers suitable individual solutions for different frame constructions, glass thicknesses and support conditions. All glazing blocks are age and temperature resistant and can be matched with many insulating glass edge sealing materials.

Simple and quick glass installation with paddles that lift, push and slide the glass.