Hot melt HM 1000

HM1000 hot melt butyl insulating glass sealant is formulated from the highest quality synthetic polymers and elastomers, butyl rubber and resins to deliver outstanding adhesion to glass and metal/plastic spacers when applied as an edge seal to multiple glazed window units.
The high performance sealant has been specifically and exclusively developed for insulating glass manufacturers. It’s fast flowing, low stringing and quick setting properties make it ideal for IG producers requiring the ability to handle and move sealed units within a short time of production. HM1000 is resistant to degradation from UV light, temperature extremes and exposure to water.
HM1000 is fully suited to all known makes of hotmelt sealant manual or robotic application machines, is compatible with all glass types and coatings. Its specifications like fast flowing, smooth, negligible low slump and stringing, rapid cooling and setting, very low Moisture Transmission (MVTR) and Argon Permeability Rates makes HM1000 the ideal IG edge seal.