Product description: The profile is made of foamed polyethylene with a closed-cell structure,
that is, it has good insulation and resistance properties. It is soft. 100% recyclable.

Product type: Polyethylene foam

Product name: PE 50x50x6
A -/+ 50mm; B -/+ 50mm; G -/+ 6 mm
Length: 2 m -/+ 2%
Packaging: box / 500m

Technical specifications: Apparent density 30 kg / m³ [± 10%]
Thermal conductivity coefficient 0.038 W / (m K)
Lower operating temperature -30 °C
The maximum temperature of use is +90°C
Water absorption after 24h 1% of volume
Color Grey, blue, yellow
The product complies with PN-EN 14313
PZH HK / B / 1204/01/2016 (hygiene certificate)
The product complies with all requirements of the REACH and RoHS directives