va-Q-vip F is a microporous insulation material based on fumed silica.
The vacuum insulation panel is approved for general construction purposes in accordance with approval number ETA-17/0926 of the “Deutsches Institut für
Bautechnik (DIBt)”.
va-Q-vip F elements are unique, because of their rectangular edges and corners (va-Q-seam) whereas individual elements can be joined together almost seamlessly.
In general rectangular panels are produced, but various shapes (trapeze, triangle, corner section) are possible on request.
The va-Q-vip F can be used in buildings according to the application areas DAD, DAA, DZ, DI, DEO, WAB, WH and WI after DIN
4108-10, table 1 (floors, flat roofs, ceilings, top floor ceilings, exterior insulation behind panelling, walls, insulation in wood frame construction).