Lithuania, Vilnius, 2023m

0% – the exact number of visible aluminum on the outside of the façade. The entire façade is made of glass with 20 mm silicone gaskets. Even the specially designed openable panels does not have any visible aluminum details, which is a truly unique achievement. So far, this has not been seen in any catalog systems. The inside of the outer glass of the double-glazed units is covered with a Diamomnd66 coating, which provides a tasteful and non-compressed reflection effect, which allows to achievement the essential goal of this building – maximum architectural integrity.

The façade system was tested for water and air permeability at an IFT Rosenheim-accredited center in Germany. It exceeded all the requirements for the facades. According to the requirements of EN12155 / EN12154, the precipitation permeability of façade aluminum profile systems must comply with the “RE” class at a maximum wind pressure of 900 Pa. The Artery project successfully withstood a pressure of as much as 1200 Pa during the facade design test.