Lithuania, Vilnius, 2015m

Elyptical business centre K29 was constructed on the right bank of Neris river, at the crossroads of Konstitucijos avenue and Geležinio Vilko street. Scandinavian style office building is an eight-storey high solid construction with an atrium, which provides natural lighting throughout the year. Oranicly shaped building and the newly established two-hectare park surrounding it, fits perfectly in the natural and urban environment and has become a new highlight of the right riverbank. Green technologies and modern solutions were implemented in the K29 business centre, which ensures economy and comfort.

Double façade construction dominates in the building. Exterior facades were constructed with aluminium profiles, produced specifically for this project, which were assembled into elemental structural double-glazing facades with integrated air vents. Special element construction façade have SI class (based on Schüco) thermal insulation characteristics.