Self-adhesive sealing tape based on butyl rubber

Butyl Alu is a stretchy, vapor impermeable tape that adheres well to many building materials, including PMMA, polycarbonate, PP and PE. The adhesive butyl layer over the entire area ensures ideal protection against gas and water vapor diffusion. How much it stretches and stretches – adapts to the movement of the building. It is used for installing roof chimneys, antenna masts, roof hatches. It is suitable for sealing seams, cracks, gaps and leaky places in gutters, chimneys, corrugated roofing and elements, domes, external windows. Vapor-tight sealing of window joints inside the room, especially in energy-saving and passive houses. Fixing and sealing of building films and membranes to various materials in roof works and traditional wooden construction works.

Excellent adhesion to many building surfaces
Sticks to the surface by itself
Resistant to water, moisture and weather
Allows immediate sealing
Not resistant to UV rays

Delivery form:
Color: Aluminum (aluminum side), gray (adhesive side)

4.5 cm wide – 10m/roll
5 cm wide – 10m/roll
7 cm wide – 10m/roll
10 cm wide – 10m/roll
15 cm wide – 10 m/roll
25 cm wide – 10m/roll
30 cm wide – 10m/roll