ISO-ZELL PE-CORD is a round sealant that meets the requirements of DIN 18540 for filling materials used in expansion joints. This product consists of a closed-cell, polyethylene porous, synthetic material and is suitable for sealing against drafts and heat loss.
ISO-ZELL PE-CORD is a reliable filler in building joints. Used as a base for sealants.

Product advantages:
• Complies with DIN 18540 requirements for hole fillers for expansion joints
• Suitable for wet joints
• Water and moisture resistant
• Suitable for porous materials
• Reduces joint depth and eliminates triple bonding for sealants (silicone, acrylic, PU, ​​etc.)
• Does not react with any sealants (silicone, acrylic, etc.)
• Elastic, flexible
• No emollients
• Does not age

ISO-ZELL PE-CORD is an indispensable tool for caulking and as a sealant for sound absorption and sealing:
• In empty cavities
• In connecting joints
• At the junctions of structures
• For sealing U profile glass
Thanks to its waterproof surface, ISO-ZELL PE-CORD can be used both outdoors and indoors. The neutrality of the material and the closed-pore surface do not react with other porous materials.

• Standard sizes are in stock
• Individual/or special markings are possible
• Competent technical support on site and by phone

• 6-30 mm diameter: unlimited length
• 40-50 mm diameter: 1 m or 2 m long

Compress the ISO-ZELL PE-CORD and insert into the joint or hole. Push to the required depth. For the joint to comply with DIN 15540, do not cover the thermal insulation rod. When applying it, make sure that all the stitches come together exactly. To avoid puncturing the material, do not use sharp objects.

• Characteristics: ISO-ZELL PUR-CORD is an open-cell polyurethane porous synthetic material
• Application: ISO-ZELL PUR-CORD is an ideal filling material for internal joints where moisture does not penetrate
• Dimensions: 15-50 mm diameter: 1m long units