MULTI-TEC SMART is a professional synthetic membrane with a wide variety of diffusion resistance depending on humidity.
This unique feature allows it to fully function as a protective barrier for window joints in changing climates.

MULTI-TEC SMART foil is intended for systematic sealing of joints between windows and building construction.
Can be used on both sides: inside and outside.
Protects against bad weather conditions such as wind and rain.
MULTI-TEC SMART allows you to temporarily protect the seam insulation from UV rays.

The Multi Tec Smart family of multi-purpose foils is distinguished by its main significant parameter, namely that it allows the product to be used on both sides of the joint between the window frame and the building structure.
This unique function appears thanks to the so-called variable water vapor transmission coefficient SD expressed in meters. In addition, our Multi Tec Smart W foil was tested in accordance with the standard for resistance to driving rain and showed tightness at a pressure of up to 1050 Pa and achieved low air permeability, which is so important for buildings, below 0.1 m3/h *m .
All products are characterized by high elasticity and resistance to stretching to tearing. This makes “warm assembly” much easier. Correct, tight mounting and positioning of the foil at wall anchors or in corners is now no problem.